The aim behind RXbirdwalks is to explore the ordinary countryside around Hastings and Rye using public footpaths and quiet lanes. Once you get away from the well-known sites there are no bird-watchers and few people in general. Sometimes we meet no-one at all.

But there are plenty of birds. We’re not searching out scarce species (though very happy to bump into them!) but looking at common, typical species and seeing how they relate to habitats in the landscape and to the changing seasons.

We do sometimes visit the wonderful coastal reserves in our area, but access them in a way that avoids the crowds.

We aim to find birds by understanding their habitat preferences and by listening for calls and songs as well as watching.

We also look at historic landscape features and try to read from them clues about past occupation and land use.

Walks are mostly in the morning and usually last 3 or 4 hours. The pace is leisurely. People who come along range from beginners, who enjoy walking and want to learn more about birds, to competent bird-watchers who want to discover new places.

Note that, since we are out in the wild, there are rarely formal toilet arrangements!

A donation is suggested of £10 per person.

If you would like to join us on any of these walks, please email me at rxbirdwalks@gmail.com or text on 07906 56 08 81

Note that some walks are on Saturdays, others on Sundays while some others may be on weekdays. In other words, make sure you know which day is involved!

Let me have your mobile number if I do not already have it so that we can keep in touch in case of any problems on the day.


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