RXbirdwalks in JUNE 2017

Sunday 4th: Ashburnham Furnace
Beautiful High Wealden landscape of rolling fields and woods, taking in old ironworking sites and traditional flower meadows.
Saturday 10th: Combe Valley Countryside Park
We’ll take a different route from the usual, along the white lanes through old-fasioned countryside as yet unspoilt by the North Bexhill expansion plans – take this opportunity before it vanishes – along part of the old railway track and down into the valley for reed-birds and probably Hobbies.
 (Evening walk for Nightjars)

This depends on weather conditions , so watch this space. (I’m still researching sites too – Nightjars are reported at Darwell but the vegetation is now so tall you can’t see them very well. Battle Great Wood has the right clearings but no NJs reported from there…)

Sunday 18th: Alexandra Park

We usually visit in winter, as a change from exposed coastal locations, but the park has many breeding birds too, including migrant warblers & Grey Wagtails. These should be feeding young by now. From more open spots we’ll look for urban Swifts & LB Gulls, maybe Sparrowhawks and we’ll also check to see whether any of the winter Firecrests have stayed on.

Saturday 24th: Broomhill

This one is flat and quite short. It looks birdless, so nobody goes there; n ideal candidate, then,  for an RXbirdwalk. Ideal too because it holds the majority of the Sussex Yellow Wagtail population; I found thirty pairs there this morning and by next week most should have fledglings. There are also lots of Reed Buntings, Skylarks & Linnets, a few Corn Buntings and likely Marsh Harrier & Barn Owl.

 If you would like to join uson any of these walks please email me on rxbirdwalks1066@yahoo.com
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