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Shingle streets

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From Liverpool

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Around their mud-brick house, nomads have improvised a number of intriguing structures.

I think this one may be a hen-coop, raised to evade predators.

In the distance: a trembling line of camels. closer to: Brown-necked Ravens & whistling Thekla Larks.

This enclosure comprises a remarkable range of materials…

…the least expected of which is a bicycle frame.

We’re hanging around not for the architecture but for the Desert Sparrows which find refuge in this tiny island of twiggery, moving with the encampment.

Irrigation from boreholes has given rise to an increased number of permanent dwellings which in turn have acted as stepping-stones for House Sparrows, bigger and bolder than their desert cousins, pushing the latter further into the wilderness.

They make forays among the grit but otherwise rest in the shade.

Bird photos by Ralph Hobbs.